From the first moment, I liked your honesty and your realistic goals for me. I felt calm and secure in your presence and the price-value of your program seemed to be very fair, so I decided I will trust you. It was one of my best decisions.

After three months of being in your program, I am more than happy with where I got to with your help. I was making many mistakes without even realizing it. My body feels healthier now and my energy levels are more stable.

I feel empowered and much more connected with my body. I trust that the tools that you gave me will get me out of any hard period in the future. I am grateful for the knowledge, skills and calming energy that you shared with me.

I couldn’t recommend you more to any woman that is struggling with stress and burnout.

I didn’t realise how much I needed this therapy before I started with it. Thanks for hodling my hand throug dark times and showing me that I am strong and beautiful. I appreciate your work very much and I’m grateful I had a chance to be in your program.

I want to thank you for taking me through this journey that is not over yet, however you have been a great mentor, friend, and a very needed support. I hope that many other women with same conditions will have the opportunity to work with you.

The Burnout-Program was a big help in a hard time, and Saša with her empathy and big heart a light in dark days. I did not know what to expect before I started with the program, but now I have the feeling I've got everything I need. And I'm sure, the Program will also have an impact in my future, because Saša gave me so many helpful tools for a joyful, easy life.